MOPS KIDS Children’s Program


While moms are meeting, trained and loving MOPS Kids caregivers provide stories, crafts, and playtime for their children. There is no fee for MOPS Kids, but we do encourage you to pre-register your children when you enroll in MOPS. Spaces in the MOPS Kids program will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis.

Download the MOPS Kids Registration Form (PDF)

Our MOPS Kids program is designed for children ranging in ages from newborn through Kindergarten. Children are grouped by age and/or developmental skills to better meet their needs. Activities include arts and crafts, play time, toys, snacks, gross motor, music, puppets, stories, social play, and videos.

Our MOPS Kids caregivers are loving, nurturing individuals who have chosen to serve the Lord by caring for your children. All of our lead caregivers have completed our host church’s Gabriel Training. The training ensures a safe environment for our children and includes: first aid, fire/tornado policies, guidelines for taking children to the bathroom, and much more. Download the MOPS Kids Caregiver Information Brochure (PDF)


For the safety and comfort of your children we ask that you comply with these MOPS Kids policies based on the childcare policies of our host church:

    • Drop-off/Pick-up: Please drop your child off no earlier than 8:50 am and pick your child up by 11:05 am. Late arrivals can be disruptive to the MOPS Kids planned activities.
    • Registration: Only children with a completed registration packet will be allowed to participate in the program.
    • Sign-In/Out: At sign-in write the bracelet # on your child’s preprinted nametag and place on his/ her back. Take the bracelet with you. You must present your bracelet at pick-up.
    • Illness: Children who show any signs of illness cannot be accepted into the MOPS Kids rooms. These include: fever, mucous cough, green or yellow runny nose, rash, conjunctivitis (pinkeye), vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours, and excessive fatigue or lethargy.
    • Medication: MOPS Kidscaregivers cannot administer medication of any kind. If your child requires medication, you are responsible for administering it.
    • Personal Belongings: All diaper bags, bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups etc. must be clearly labeled. No glass containers or juice boxes please.
    • Diapers: Please use only disposable diapers while your children are at MOPS. Bring a change of clothes for any child being potty-trained.
    • Toys: Please leave personal toys at home. A lovey or security item such as a blanket is allowed.
    • Snack: We will provide a snack at each meeting. Please note any food allergies on your child’s nametag.
    • Crying: We hope that your children look forward to MOPS Kidsas much as you do to MOPS. However, children may have fussy days. Our volunteers will do their best to comfort your child. If they are unable to comfort your child after 10 minutes of persistent crying, they will come get you.
    • Separation Anxiety: Young toddlers often experience developmentally appropriate anxiety when separated from their parents. Our caregivers are experienced at handling this and will work with you to help your child adjust.
    • Comforting Your Child: Please utilize the hallways or the vacant rooms to calm your child. We ask that you do not bring the child into the MOPS room, as it is disruptive to speakers and group discussions. We also want to keep the meetings as a “break-away” from children. Nursing mothers and mothers of infants (0-6 months) are an exception, as long as they are quiet.
    • Discipline: If a behavior problem should arise, this is how discipline will be handled: a) redirect the child, b) speak to the child, c) speak to the mom, and d) in extreme cases, if the issue cannot be resolved, the child may be asked to leave the MOPS Kids program.
    • Behavior Guidelines: Unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to: throwing objects, kicking, hitting, pushing, biting, leaving the area without permission, and name-calling or any language that shows disrespect to another person.
    • Confidentiality: Please observe the MOPS confidentiality policy when dealing with MOPS Kids conflicts. Children are born with different temperaments, strengths and challenges. We value your child’s unique qualities.
    • On Premises: You must remain in the church building while your children are attending MOPS Kids.

We appreciate your cooperation in making our meetings successful in fulfilling the MOPS purpose.